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Connecting your VMs over and over again seems painful? Why some small tasks needs so much effort ?

Install & Manage

WordPress using Autopanel

Why autopanel ?

Autopanel provides the best solution to manage your multiple WordPress installations for your DigitalOcean VMs. It's just one click to install and configure a new WordPress instance in your VM.

Single Click WP Installation

No SSH/CLI/FTP work requires to install WordPress anymore. Click and install into your desired directory.

Easy Management

Is it hard to manage multiple websites on your VMs? We are the perfect solution for your hard times.

Get Published

Done with development and management, its easy to get your WordPress in public here.

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Get introduced with our core services of Autopanel

One-Click WordPress Installation

Our one-click WordPress installer creates your new sites in seconds.

Let's Encrypt SSL

The most reliable Let's Encrypt integration anywhere. SSL that just works.

100% Reliability for your business

With  Autopanel you get 100% Security, Speed and Support. Automated updates and firewalls. Secure architecture. We take away the worry. Get answers from our best support team of hosting industry doctors. 

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